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5 weeks and waiting

We put in an order for a Viking multiunit door controller as well as 4 magnetic EMLocks from SDC back in early October. We received the door controller a week later -- but never received the EMlocks. Called POSGlobal about it three weeks after the initial order and was told that it would be shipped "in a few days" and I should receive them no later than Friday 11/3. Called on the following Monday (11/6) and was told that no, they actually would be in on Friday 11/10. Still didn't receive them. They sent the tracking number and it showed it was delivered to a completely different location 30 miles from our office. Called today and they told me we'd get them tomorrow, that they had sent me the wrong tracking info and sent me the correct number as a follow up. Then 10 minutes later I get a follow up email saying that they in fact HAD been delivered to the wrong location and were being picked up from that location and being brought to us at some point in the not to distant future.

I have been in business for over 20 years and NEVER seen this level of incompetance. I'm not sure that they are even legit resellers/distributors. No one answers their phones (unless you call several times), they never return a call when you leave a message, and there has been no offer to expedite shipping to make up for their mistakes. Yes, their pricing is low, but there is a reason for this -- the horrific customer experience. Go to a legit reseller and steer far away from these guys.

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