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zero f-s given about their customers -- no piece of clothing is worth this s- show

"my order hasn't even been processed for shipping yet and i already hate this shopping experience. i placed an order and 12 hours later received an email that there was a super sale so logged on to see if they would credit me the $4 -- 4! -- difference. the agents are pleasant to talk to, but the only thing they say is "no, we can't help you. super sorry about it! =(". she was not the first agent i talked to regarding the order (i also had to contact them for paying with a gift card -- "sorry! i totally can't help you. you should call visa!") and i unfortunately think she won't be the last. i hope when i receive the items that nothing works and they get to pay for me to return them. this has been a supremely terrible experience and there are not enough overpriced cute clothes in the world to make me a returning customer."

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Slow shipping, apathetic staff

"Made and order and it's been more than a week and hasn't shipped. Spoke with an agent and she was incredibly apathetic. They refused to cancel my order. This is not the modcloth I used to do business with. Will never shop there again. "

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No refund on a bad product

"I bought some cute shoes from ModCloth that, aesthetically, were amazing! I wore them about 5 times. On the fifth wear, I was out on the town with friends, and both shoes broke! It was awful! Turns out the body of the shoe was cheaply glued under the sole. So all that was holding the shoes together, was a tiny bit of glue. I called customer service and ask if I could get a refund. They said "yes", but since it had been more than 30 days, I would receive the refund via Modcloth gift card. I was fine with that. However, I sent the shoes back and it took forever for them to contact me! I finally got customer service to message me back, and they told me that since the shoes had been worn, I would not get a refund. I am extremely dissatisfied with the quality of their product and the way I was treated by the company. I would be very hesitant to purchase anything from them again!!! Modcloth, if your product is so cheaply made that it falls apart after wearing 5 times, you should refund your customers' money. "

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Extremely slow at processing orders

"I placed my order on a Monday and still today Friday it has not shipped. Contacted the live chat and was told it should ship by next Tuesday! Ordered the clothing for vacation, looks like it won't get here in time. Will be returning all clothing. Thankful for free returns!!

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Modcloth is Disappointing

"I complained about Metro Manila not being included in the address part of their shipping page. I've called them last 7/24 twice, 7/25 twice, 7/26, and 7/27. 6 times they promised they would fix this. Also, my e-mail sometimes doesn't appear on their end, so the calls aren't smooth. I really like their clothes, however I couldn't get it because other provinces in the Philippines are in their shipping page except for the capital, Metro Manila, where I want it to be shipped. I hope they fix this issue soon."

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Stay away from this store

"I bought a cardigan and had to return because of bigger size. I did not receive refund after 3 weeks of return. When I called them, they replied saying there was some problem and they will issue refund immediately. They sent it back after a week saying that it was from different supplier and they can't issue refund. I ordered from modcloth and I have no control over suppliers. I will never shop in modcloth again. "

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Playing Games

"No return labels provided"

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You order has shipped...really?

"This was the icing on the cake. I have ordered from them before and have been slightly annoyed by how long it takes to actually get what you order. This recent order was a return for a different size. It was supposed to arrive by 1/20/17, then it was pushed to 1/21/17 coming from Auburn, WA (30 minutes from me). I understand the slight delay because weather coming in was horrible. But, it been "on a truck" coming from 30 minutes away for 4 days. Company said it's weather related. Um, it's been mildly raining and 45-50 degrees. Something's not legit?"

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Awesome and trustworthy!

"Don't be put off by the other review about not accepting her preferred form of payment. Unfortunate it didn't work out like she'd hoped, but that's being an adult...paying in the way the site accepts payment. I've ordered at least five times over the past few years and have shipped to both USA and Canada. Shipment was always fast and the customer service is LEGIT. I always buy with total confidence. "

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Won't t take your Visa gift card

"They won't accept Visa gift cards and their customer service reps are extremely rude and unhelpful. They kept telling me that the fact that the card was a gift was irrelevant and the problem was easy to solve by purchasing THEIR gift card. Either these reps are complete idiots who don't know how to do their job or extremely rude people who just don't care."

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Horrible Quality

"Everything is from china and the quality proves it. Not worth the cost at all! The pictures of the products are great however, when I ordered my 3 pairs or shoes from them I was extremely disappointed. One of the pairs was on final sale but the quality was so bad (felt like walking on cardboard) that I got them to give me store credit. With that store credit I bought a different pair of shoes that I thought would be better because they looked like cool wooden heals with denim straps but the wood was just paint and the shoes felt hollow. Everything about them just felt wrong."

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Poorly made / poorly shipped

"When i spend $130 on a dress I should expect it to arrive in better shape than to be stuffed into a wrinkled plastic bag then tossed on my porch. Honestly the materials on this dress or cheaper than anything I could get a Target! Waste of money and time."

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Concerned about "processing" time, so I made a call....

"After reading all the reviews which slammed Modcloth for having terrible shipping policies, I got nervous that the dress I bought Monday, with the extra 2-5 day shipping option, wouldn't arrive by Friday for a tailgate on Saturday. So I called customer service to find out what my options were. THEY WERE INCREDIBLY HELPFUL AND PATIENT! The representative explained the processing time, told me where I was in their queue, and upgraded my order so I would receive it no later than Friday. She even offered to delay charging me for the extra shipping on the chance my order shipped today, which would negate the need for the expedited shipping. Like one of the reviews below mentioned: this isn't Amazon Prime, so if you need something in 2 days, buy the 2 day shipping. Otherwise, it may take a few extra days to process because they ship out items on a first ordered, first shipped basis. "

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the service is SO HORRIBLE that the cute clothes are not at all worth it

"I had an order that was mistakenly returned to sender by the USPS. I had 7 conversations with 7 different representatives, who all gave me misinformation. I never once received any communication directly from them and also never received a single piece of the follow up communication that I was promised multiple times after our conversations. A month and a half later, I still made no headway and continued to be misinformed (at best) or misled (at worst) by their workers. I should've asked for a refund from the get-go. Cute clothes, but by NO MEANS worth the headache, if anything goes wrong."

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Don't shop here

"I ordered a pair of jeans for 50-ish dollars off this website. Shortly after I started wearing them (I mean one wash and about 3 wears) they started breaking down. They weren't by any means overly tight but the but seam started separating and the elastic started fraying. This was around 3 months after I'd received them so they didn't fall within the window of returns and barely within exchanges. They only gave me a credit back because they'd already received them in the mail, and it was for the cost minus return shipping. It shouldn't matter that they'd been worn, washed, or in my possession for almost 3 months, pants SHOULDN'T BREAK DOWN like that, and any company worth their salt would've done something about it. I reached out to customer service twice and they ignored my complaint. They weren't willing to follow-through on quality control. There are plenty of better places to take your business. I won't be buying from them again."

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