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Rating 2/10

Corrupt Business Practices

"This is a formal complaint with regards to the lack of service offered by Sprint. I live on Lake Erie where Sprint has advertised having great coverage when indeed they do not. This began on August 1, 2017 when I switched from Verizon, who I was with for over 15yrs, in an attempt to try to reduce the cost of my phone service for my family. It was soon after that I began calling sprint complaining of the dropped calls, undelivered text messages and the inability to access my apps or get updates. I literally felt like the old Verizon commercials where I was walking around in circles and / or several yards away holding my phone up in the air hoping to receive a signal. As a mother trying to reach her children and vice verse this can be very upsetting as well as a safety factor. By September 19th after a few weeks of calling attempting to resolve the issue the Sprint tech dept. decided that it was probably a SIM card issue.....in all 4 new phones! So they proceeded to send me new ones that of course did not correct the issue even when trouble shooting the issues with the Sprint technical dept. In fact, when sitting in my office at work Sprint could not reach me but instead had to call my Verizon work phone or desk top phone to reach me. So I then put in a complaint to check the towers in all the areas I had issues because they certainly were not performing as the Sprint Coverage map indicates they should....Sandusky, Port Clinton, Marblehead, Kelly's Island and Catawba. After still no resolution I called the store where they sold me the phones to discuss how to return them and the clerk actually admitted to this being a known problem! The issue is that Sprint only provides 14 days to return which does not allow enough time to see all the areas they will and will not work unless you are actively testing it. I then proceeded to go to another Sprint store only to be told the same on October 6th. From there I went directly to the Verizon store and switched cell phone carriers. Thankfully Verizon was doing a trade-in deal however this still was a very costly mistake of putting my faith in Sprint. I now have a $2700.00 bill awaiting to determine how much Verizon will cover. After doing an analysis of everything I have concluded that I have lost approx. $1400.00 in that short time paying for terrible service, activation fees etc. Based on this I have concluded Sprint lacks customer service and they have false advertisement with their coverage. In addition, if their employees are aware of the situation I can only guess that they must receive commission of some type to continue to lure customers in this fashion. I believe that Sprint needs to be investigated on their practices and marketing strategies. I hope this review and further reviews I will be making in the future prevents others from experiencing this type of corruption. "

Rating 2/10

Sprint is awful

Recently you asked me to rate my experience being 0-10. If there is a number more negative than zero that’s how dissatisfied I am. I am disgusted with how I am being treated. My bill was $78. Last month I added a line for my daughter. I didn’t even want to get an I phone. I even told the sales lady that that’s not in my price range. She ended up convincing me that it was a good deal and I agreed. My daughter was overjoyed about her new I phone. And now I am going to crush her heart when I tell her we have to get rid of the line. I will tell you what I told her I can not afford a bill larger than $130. She promised me my bill would not be more than $130. In October my bill went from $78 to $104. Now my bill for November is $228.40??????!!!!!! What is the benefit to adding a line?????? I should’ve just kept my $78 plan for my phone and bought her her own line!!! And if this is the first billing cycle with the two lines what was my increase charges for last month ??! Not only was I lied to about how much my bill would be every month but you want to Wack me with an activation fee of $30 when all I did was add a line!!!! I cannot view my bill details online the feature tells me it’s not working. This has been for two days now. But the feature to pay your bill works just fine.
NO ONE can give me an explanation for these fees, & when they do they might as will say it in a foreign language with all their words they repeat. I am smart enough to realize that this is just a way to rip off & confuse the consumer... I was VERY misled by one of YOUR own employees
It is disgraceful how you think it’s okay to do this to a customer. You should be ashamed to work at sprint.

Rating 2/10

Not on top of things... One might say"Slackers"

"Cancelled service because account was hacked and they did nothing. I actually had to call UPS and cancel the iPhones that someone ordered. After switching to Verizon, Sprint continued billing me. Several Sprint employees told me they took care of problem. Today I received a letter from a collection agency for $56!!!! Even though I don't owe anything, that is the lowest amount they can get it down to. What a joke of a company!!!"

Rating 2/10

Horrible service and their mistake has not been fixed

"On October 19, 2017 I went into the Sprint store #251818 (One W. Flatiron Crossing) I paid My bill in cash and was given receipt number:FICMKBP187. My line was suspended at the time and Bill "store manager" said that it could take up to 3 hours before service to be restored. The bill was paid at 12:00pm and service was still not on around 6:00pm. So on my way home I stopped at another mall in-direct store. I explained to Chuck the associate on duty about the problem. He showed that the account was still delinquent and the payment was never paid and that I needed to go back to the store that I made the payment. I told him thats unacceptable and that he needed to get on the phone with customer service or what ever he needed to do to take care of this issue. After an hour speaking with customer service, they turned on the service but never fixed the problem with the missing funds. The next day I start getting service interruption messages and I call and speak with Bill who took the payment. Bill informed me that he will research the problem and call me back. No call was made by the manager. I then go into the store and speak with Rachel, she explained the is nothing she can do because she doesn't have access to make the changes needed to fix the account. I had to get back to work because I was on my lunch break. Rachel did call me back on a three way call with customer service and they said that it takes up to 30 days for the funds to be reversed and that they can only allow the account to stay on for 7 days. I explained again that this is Sprints mistake and that my phone shouldn't be shut off. Rachel said that she would turn in all the necessary paperwork to keep the phone on. Well the 7 days ended yesterday and now my phone is turned off and no credit shown that the problem was resoled. I went back into another store and and sat on the phone customer service and finance for over two hours. Customer finance said that since it was cash i needed to go into the store again and have the store take care if the payment. I explained to the customer finance that I have made every attempt to go to the store and resolve this. Again I left the store with no results and my phone is turned off . they want me pay the current bill almost $300.00 for this month and last month. Spirnt is not helping me in any way!!! I have been to 4 store and in the original store twice and still nothing. How is this acceptable? After speaking with Rachel, it turns out they applied the money to the wrong account, a mistake that was done by Bill, the sprint manager. I have not received any call from Bill in regards to this issue....

Mark Lopez

Rating 2/10

Worst of the worst

"I have a problem with my line I called customer services, the girl was from somewhere in Bangladesh , couldn’t understand each other, I asked for a transfer they sent me to Nicaragua or somewhere in Central America, couldn’t get my problems solved, I then ask for a supervisor
Good luck with that
Same problem, but then again! Ey!! I was getting to USA I
Finally I was in Mexico
Oh ohhhhh
No way no

Nothing happened
And after almos 2 hours they transfer me to an American Girl and my problem was tahini care partially


MY PHONE IS 561 460 1400
I don’t hide like you do SPRINT

Rating 2/10

I would give them 0 if I could

"I would give them 0 if I could. Worse experience!"

Rating 2/10

like a going to the Registry of Motor Vehicles

"I went to a local sprint store to pay off the leases that I had spent over 1200 dollars to do so and was told that it is a quick phone call to get my phone unlocked. (SURE IT IS) As it turns out I spent 2 hours over the course of 2 days spoke to 7 different people who could not help. To top it all off it is still going to be 24-48 hours until this is done absolute joke stay away from sprint stores and services they don't have a clue as to what they are doing (Switching to AT&T) "

Rating 2/10

I wish I could Sue them.....

"Never trust when you are lured with cheap offers. I ordered two sims, one for myself and another for my wife with the so called unlimited free talk, text, and data plan for one year. I started activating those sims online chatting to lots of customer service representatives, and so called technical experts, however, none of them were able to activate service on our phones. They also recommended to visit the store, I visited there too, they told me our phones didn't have any problem with activation, may be those sims we got were bad. Again, I contacted the customer service to deactivate my account and refund the money I spent to buy the sims (~18$), but he recommended me to contact the billing service to do that. Once I contacted the billing service department, their representative told me that they will order sims for me for free with overnight shipping option, but I didn't get those sims on the date they mentioned and came to know that they didn't place my order too.....liar and cheater.....After so much frustrations and irritations for 5 days without phone services, I wrote this review and decided to return back to my previous carrier. I wasted lots of time and some money too, please never trust this liar carrier........I wish I could sue them for lying me and giving me hard time...... "

Rating 2/10

Cheap company !!!!

"We have a family account with sprint for over 14 years. Last week we purchased 3 iPhones and upgraded them, the two we purchased in store was ok, but for the third iPhone, I called to order over the phone. they not only wasted my time with their awful, not able to understand customer service, after 2 hour being on the phone, they couldn’t charge my credit card for $10 because they wanted the exact one used 100 years ago. I gave them 3 different cards, they couldn’t charge, I asked them to put it on next bill, they couldn’t, I asked them to wave it, they didn’t! So manager said they will schedule a call back tomorrow to finish this purchase, and guess what they didn’t call! So I’m not gonna call them and waste another precious 2 hours of mine for a cheap company that can’t run or wave $10 shipping fee for a $400 iphone, EVEN when we purchased 3 iPhone 8s in ONE WEEK. They are awful and cheap, I will switch as soon as I find a good deal on another carrier. Don’t waste your time with cheap companies that waste your time for 2 hours and are not reliable!!!!!!!"

Rating 2/10


"IF UR THINKING OF SWITCHING FOR THE LOWER PRICES DONT !!!!! THE EXTRA FEW BUCKS IS WORTH PAYING TO ANOTHER CARRIER !Customer service **** , service **** !! They always charge u extra n u have to go out of ur way to make it right when their the ones messing up !! Oh n god forbid u over pay or return something and expect ur money back! i NEVER GOT MY MONEY BACK i called literally countless times n i just got the f.ing run around i finally just gave up i hate sprint to my core i should have listened to all the negative feedback about them from family and friends and on the internet especially all the signs were there i just blew past them and only now after hundreds of dissatisfied dollars later! i escaped through t mobiles "carruer freedom" had my bills payed off n my gal s8 plus in just a few days they sent me my virtual prepaid visa with the amount of my final bill to sprint and by by! thank god for t mobile i loved them first anyway ! so if ur thinking of switching to sprint for the better prices !!! DONT! THE EXTRA 10$ - 20$ IS WORTH IT WITH ANOTHER CARRIER ! (T mobile for me) "

Rating 2/10

Sprint Wireless

"If you're thinking of switching to Sprint, think again! Just a few of my issues- dropped phone calls daily, I can hear the person I am talking to, they can't hear me, no service, costumer service is terrible- I have been on the phone with them for over an hour way too many times, FALSELY SELLING INSURANCE PLANS- i was told it would be $50 to replace my phone- in actuality they want $200- I could get a new phone for that price.

I have been a loyal costumer for over tens years- this last year is when I've encountered majority of my problems- I am very disappointed and am shopping for a new provider.

Rating 10/10

Wonderful Customer Support

"Let me preface this by saying that I have only been a Sprint customer for about two weeks.

With that said, though, they have been knocking this out of the ballpark. I had a couple of issues early on with my phone. I set it up myself, switching from Verizon, and there were some issues with activating the SIM card.

I spent several hours chatting with various Sprint representatives, and I can't believe that I'm saying this, but... they were actually several pretty enjoyable hours. Every person I've talked to at Sprint has been absolutely wonderful to deal with, and every single one of them dealt with my issues to an extent that I have never gotten with Verizon.

Their network isn't quite as expansive or fast as Verizon's was, but they have service quality in a way that Verizon never did, and I'm never going back.

Rating 2/10

Worst experience ever liars!!!!!!!

"It took 7 days to receive phones that were to be overnighted then we were promised credit cards to pay off free phones that never happened it's Bern 4 months and no credit cards and we were promised 90.00 bill a month and we are being charged triple I want out of my contract now!!!!!!Nothing sprint promised was true!!!!!!!@"

Rating 2/10

Never go for Sprint Horrible.

"Hi Guy's my name is Zahid never use Sprint, I have been cheated by Sprint. I had recently switch to another service was using Sprint since 2015 has 2 lines and referred around 7 lines to my family and friends. I spoke to 9 agents told my whole story but they don't have any answers for my questions, they just transferred my calls to different departments never been solved. Agent don't know what plan I am on gave different answers. I just asked them why I am getting over charged and I cancelled one of my line still got charged for 8 months. When I asked them to refund they said we will go through the recording on that day in 3 business days but never called me back. When I called them back they have no answers transferring my call here and there. I have wasted my hours on that, they understood my problem but unable to solve it. There is no one who can make the decision just answered my we will talk to supervisors. Guy's never go for Sprint it's a worst company I have faced in my life ever.

Rating 2/10

would not recommend

"I pay full price for my phones just like most people do now. Sprint I am sure makes their percentage off this, Sprint is charging 30.00 for upgrade fees for phones they didn't sell, I got mine from Best Buy because they were cheaper then Sprint. When I called Sprint I was told by 2 customer support persons that this was a valid charge and they were sorry but could not help. I pay every bill on time and have never been a problem customer but enough is enough. I can not give negitive stars or I would. I drop alot of calls, have to reset my phone alot and am being charged for upgrades. Please think twice before choosing Sprint"

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