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Rating 2/10

VERY Poor customer service

"I ordered 3 X-10 LQ2 wireless ball cameras in black. Previously I'd ordered 3 and got white as they were the only ones on sale. While I'd had a few issues with the cameras dropping connection, I ordered 3 more in black anyway.
When they arrived, they were white! REturned & got 3 in black. These wouldn't program even after numerous emails back and forth with x-10. Frustrated, I packed them for return. X-10 replied that while they were sorry I was not satisfied with the order, they would not pay for return shipping and I could have a restocking fee.
Absolutely ridiculous as these cameras don't work - This is the LAST time I'll be dealing with this company.

Rating 4/10

Being a previous customer with X10

"Just received the X10 HD IP Camera in the mail. I was required to install software onto a Samsung Tablet which with, my request, I was able to download a 20 Meg. install program. I did install the software, per the login registration, required me to enter a code sent by X10. I'd received the code and inserted and code was rejected. called help line today, first call I'd ask the HELP DESK to speak up, "HE" hung up, called back talking to the same person denying previous call. I requested assistance and was told contradicting statements from HELP DESK information given at time of purchase 4 days earlier (still couldn't hear him well). I was told the camera would tell me then I requested an RMA, this is not the same X10 company I'd done business with years ago. "

Rating 2/10

"They are absolutely the worst that could be!!!!!
I'm just waiting for something as simple as ink & they can't ship it !.

Rating 2/10

"Tried for years to automate my home using these products including their cameras, light modules, appliance modules, computer interface, repeaters, the alarm clock controller, key-chain controllers and other assorted accessories. I only achieved moderate success, and no reliability. Sometimes units would work, other times not at all. The concept is exceptional but the reality is this company uses obsolete technology that IS NOT dependable IF it works at all. Sadly I sold most of their crap at a garage sale for $5 total. A loss of hundreds."

Rating 2/10

"I spent many hundreds of dollars due to my impression that everything would work seamlessly. Nothing works well at all or as intended.

Door and window sensors hardware appears to work, but has some issues with false alarms and trying to occupy the same radio wavelength as another sensor on the X10 system. This has been a reoccurring problem that complete system reinstallation has fixed, but only does so for a limited time. Because sensors sometimes get confused or keep forcing them to install on the same frequency the front door sensor may be recognized as the downstairs window sensor.

Motion sensors mounted hardware appears to be simple to install, but it is deceiving. You think you have installed it, but it often will take over a frequency already assigned to a window or door sensor. The software interface and rule setting was overly complex and unusable.

The VGA camera hardware provided weak and unreliable film footage as it suffered from severe radio signal interference. The ability to manage the cameras via the X10 software was extremely difficult and not integrated into ActiveHomePro, but another software. Again, this was a big disappointing product.

The control box hardware is at the very least partially broken. After months of chiming whenever the front door open the chime stopped working. I believe the speaker that chimes is also the speaker for the siren of the security system.

Their products are not viable due to the repeating and perplexing problems, bizarre radio signal problems, the extremely difficult software interface, and the constant breaking of the system; this is not recommended as a viable or reliable security system.

The reliable of this software is in serious doubt and the system is prone to false alarms. I do not feel comfortable with this system. About 1.5 years ago I had the system partially working and while at my mother's house it rang us up claiming that a door or window sensor had been opened. Upon return to our house we discovered NOTHING amiss and that all the doors were still locked and all windows were secure. This system is prone to false alarms. 3-4 years ago when I was first working on this system that it woke us up 1-2 times in the middle of the night with false alarms as well. This system has a history of false alarms and is guaranteed to disrupt our sleep for no good reason. Also, without a working siren the control box is fairly useless. We cannot be alerted in the middle of the night of an intruder without a working siren.

I have literally spent 100-120+ hours trying to make the X10 security system consistently and reliablly work. Each time I have installed it I have only been able to make it PARTIALLY work and then we ended up turning it off when it started to malfunction and act up. The software triggers on Active Home Pro Never worked as intended. Overall the X10 security products are horrible and do not work as advertised.


Rating 2/10

"I bought one of their XX40 PTZ cameras, wasted a whole weekend trying to install it on two different computers (One was running Windows7 and the other runs Windows XP). I tried unsucessfully to contact their tech support. I wish I had read all of these reviews by other unfortunate buyers before making this purchase. I will be returning this p.o.s. camera first thing Monday morning. They also claim that it has motion detection capability but I see NO MOTION DETECTION DEVICE on this piece o shat camera. THANK TO PAYPAL I know I will get my refund."

Rating 2/10

"i bought complete home security and HD camera,
They are pice a SH...T.
called several times to customer servise to help me set up camera, after many many times finally one of them answer but she can't help me.
Interesting they are working 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
that mean customer servise nothing.
i have tried to return it they said you cant because you can do this just 14 days. i said 14 days i tried to call you but noboday answer.
Anyway if you want to put your Money to Toilet just purchase of this fake company.

Rating 2/10

"Absolutely a rip off. Charged me for items that don't even exist in their inventory. So, why send out email solicitation advertising it. Why take weeks to get back with me.

Thank goodness for PayPal and their consumer policy.

X10 just plain stinks,and they are con artist. I wish I had come to resellerrating.com prior to ordering.

Rating 2/10

"Not only a waste of money, but this ended up costing me $150.00 to fix my computer after following their cd installation instructions! They fail to mention the software they send is only for a PC and will get stuck in a MAC. Then they provided useless tech support and then no tech support. The software they provide online didn't work either. Then they dont pay return shipping and also charge a restocking fee of 15%. A totally infuriating experience. Dont buy these products!"

Rating 2/10

"STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY....they are not what they advertise! Basically non existent tech support.....long hold times and disconnects.....promises of call backs...doesn't happen.....if you hvae time to chat during your work day,youmight get through the issue you are having but the very next step of set up..WHAM..another problem.
Funny how you the sales department is available all hours and on weekends! The tech support hours are Monday through Friday and only during the day when you are working and can't seek help!
Worst retail online experience I have ever had with any company!
RUN! Run the other way! DO not bother with this sahdy comany and their false promises!
I am sending 7 cameras back! Only one is full refund.The other $685.91 worth I HAVE TO PAY THE RETURN SHIPPING AND A 15% RESTOCKING FEE! Get this! THey wil credit my credit card in 30 to 45 days!!! I will watch every day and when 45 days is up..I will file a dispute with VISA to get my money!
I learned my lesson!

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Rating 2/10

"DON'T DO IT! I purchased a complete X10 IP camera system. After six weeks of endless waiting for tech support, promised calls that never happened and finally the acknowledgment their system didn't work (especially the indoor cameras). X10 issued an RMA, I returned the full order and never received a refund. Thankfully the order was placed on a Visa and Visa issued a credit for the failed product. Very poor company in my opinion."

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Rating 2/10

"This is the worst company on the internet. I returned some cameras for a refund. Beware if you have ATT 2wire they won't work with it! The tech said it was the redheaded step child. It won't work with it. So I have returned them, I haven't heard a word in over two weeks, so I called customer service I waited for over 45 minutes to someone. It will take 30 to 45 days to get my money back, and had to pay the 15% restocking fee, WHAT A JOKE!!!! I'm pissed. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. The cameras are junk"

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Rating 2/10

"DO NOT believe a word this company says!!! I ordered 4 security cameras from them only to find out they are not the model numbers I ordered! On the back of the invoice it states "The model numbers of some of the items you received might not match the model numbers of the items you ordered. Please be assured that the items shipped to you are EQUAL TO OR BETTER in function than the items you ordered. Does it say anything about the manufacture has different numbers than they do...NO! It says the items shipped might not match and assures you that you get an equal or better than item
...Crock! Then try to talk to them....ha, another Crock! You have to pay for shipping, insurance and a 15% restocking fee to return them. I had called a couple of days before they arrived because I had not gotten anything to the fact that they were being shipped. I was told there was a small back order...then they show up two days later...Not good business X10...Seems your business is the 15% restocking fee that I am sure you have gotten plenty of....

Rating 2/10

"X10 is extremely unprofessional, unhelpful, and downright deceitful. I spent a lot of time researching wireless IP cameras as a christmas gift for my husband. In doing so, I called X10 customer service several times before making a purchase, to make sure I knew what we were getting, and wanted to make sure I could return them for a full refund if my husband did not like them. I asked 2 different sales people if I could return the cameras for a FULL refund, and both sales reps told me I had 21 days for a FULL refund. After ordering,there was NO communication about the shipment- no tracking, confirmation, etc. The estimated shipping window came and went, without a word from them- I had to email customer support to find out what happened. After 5 days, I got an email saying they were delayed, and would be there soon- and that was it/ After christmas, my husband tried for a week to install them, but the audio would simply not work. He called X10 tech support about 10 times, and would be put on hold for up to an hour each time. He was also assigned a specific rep, and told he had to work only with her- but she was NEVER available. When he finally got her, she determined that they cameras were defective- she said she would email him return instructions, including a prepaid slip to send them back, b/c they were defective. 2 weeks later the email had not come, and I had to call 5 or 6 times to get someone to assist. Then they tried to argue that it was past the 21 day window, so they were not returnable!! I finally won that battle, when they told me there would be a 15% restocking fee- on a broken camera!!! I told them that 2 sales reps guaranteed me that there would be a FULL refund given if they were returned, and they said that I was given "incorrect information," and that they would have to reprimand the reps that told me that- so, they lied to make the sale. Another 2 hours on the phone, and I finally won that battle, too, but only b/c the cameras were broken. To end the story... they are making me pay to ship back the broken camera, which is another thing they promised would not happen!! Just awful- please save yourself some time and aggravation, and avoid this company. They have no idea what customer service is, and if they send you a broken product, you will not be given a full refund."

Rating 2/10

"Well after 2weeks of waiting for this x10 model sc1200 and wasting two days moving the control box from one spot to another in my 1200 square feet open floor plan condo I put it back in the box it came and and threw it into to garbage. No matter where you put the control panel it may or may not pick up one of the sensors . One last attempt to make this work correctly by clearing all of the sensors out of the control panel reinstalling them all 8 of them one by one. I hit the remote button to arm the system and then it would not disarm it no matter what i did .$159.00 piece of crap. I had low expectations of it working correctly and boy was I right. DON'T WASTE YOU MONEY. I have com cast and will be calling them to have them install there home security system for me. I did not want to speed $40a month for there service but if you want something that works your going to have to pay for it."

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