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    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
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Rating 2/10

Most companies never showed. One that did was a scammer.

"They recommended multiple companies. Of the 5, most didn't show, didn't call, etc. One kept calling to reschedule. The one that did come said that they would send a crew for the job and gave an iron-clad quote. I didn't hear from them and asked if they were still coming. Said they were. I asked about payment and was told to NEVER GIVE CASH. They would send an invoice and I would pay if I was happy with the job. They sent one kid with virtually no tools and only a gave him 4 hours for the job. He said that he had spoken with the owners. They were over their heads on the job. They needed to buy a leaf vacuum but didn't want to pay $2000 for it. They knew I would be unhappy with the job so they sent the kid to look busy and do a little bit of work. He tried to get me to pay BEFORE HE WOULD LEAVE AND NOT LET ME LOOK AT HIS WORK. Either he was trying to get cash and then say that I had never payed or the kid was telling the truth and the three of them were in on it together. I think they thought an older woman would be easily intimidated into paying for a job not done. I reported them to Home Advisor and filed a formal complaint. Their response - I should have sent him packing earlier."

This review was modified by classicrun on March 22 2017 08:30:01 AM

Rating 2/10


"When they called about my business I again told them no and that I just did not want there services. He proceeded to ask if I knew of a company that liked getting new jobs. Complete disrespect, of corse I love new business. Just cause I didn't want to use them they try to pull that crap. Try to pull guilt trips and push you into things. What happened to thank you for your time have a nice day, I miss companies like that. "

This review was modified by CadmiumOrangeSeal on March 22 2017 07:15:01 AM

Rating 2/10

Absolute joke !

"Not only was the person / contractor they referred a complete joke/scam artist, but home advisor would routinely defend him & actively remove my bad revues on their website. A total scam, hard to believe they can still advertise & are still in business...I'd tell my story but its too long & borders on unbeleivable ! Do not use unless you like being ripped off !!"

This review was modified by StrawCatfish on March 21 2017 05:00:08 PM

Rating 2/10


"It's a FAKE company. It's a horrible company. They charge me more than I work for. They changed me for 26 jobs, but I have done only 6, because the other ones they never answered me or changed they're maind. And they never give me a credit for that jobs. I am finished with this FAKE....HORRIBLE COMPANY. I was work just for them and nothing for me "

This review was modified by 8474545608 on March 21 2017 12:00:02 PM

Rating 2/10

Does not post negative reviews about contractors even though they claim they do

"We had a very bad contractor found through Home Advisor. We found out the contractors license was expired even though Home Advisor guaranteed they had checked them out. We also posted a very negative review because the contractor was extremely rude. Home Advisor never posted the negative review and continue to refuse to. They also don't let anyone post a review unless you "hired" them. So say you find out how bad they are BEFORE you hire them (which is what you want), you can't warn anyone else because you didn't "hire" them.

A complete sham that is there to protect the contractors (whom they make money off of) and stick it to the consumers

This review was modified by climbbike on March 20 2017 04:30:01 PM

Rating 2/10



This review was modified by TOMMYONTHESPOT on March 19 2017 02:39:44 PM

Rating 2/10

Worst Lead Generator Out There

"Home Advisor is a complete scam for contractors. They only care about their contractors paying them, whether the lead is good or not. I have received more bad leads than good. Because they don't verify their customers. Overall, I think it's the worst lead based service out there based on how many false and bogus leads they have no problem charging the contractor for. And the vast majority of them are NOT cheap. They range anywhere from $15-$120!!! The contractor does not get a say whether or not, he or she would like to accept the lead. This results in bad leads coming through all the time that the contractor get's stuck paying for. Whether the customer did not input valid information, purposeful or otherwise, another business is scouting out the competition, or the customer is simply just inebriated on a Saturday night playing around with internet, and consequently, contractor's pocket books. It's a long, painful process to get refunded, that only sometimes works, and the automated system they have in place that is supposed to make it easier, simply doesn't work. None of this matters to them. Because of this, they can't offer the cream of the crop in contractors, but just unsuspecting start up company's. Once a company gets a good reputation, and has been in business for a while, there is no sense in letting Home Advisor steal from your bottom line any longer. This makes Home Advisor almost as bad for homeowners as contractors. Because the homeowner is not getting well established, good contractors to choose from. Contrary to how Home Advisor tries to market itself. Angie's List has much better contractors available. I would not recommend any homeowner, or contractor utilize Home Advisor. All you have to do is look on the web for reviews, or their BBB complaints to see that the vast majority of businesses agree. They are littered with complaints and bad reviews. I would not be able to stay in business like that, why can Home Advisor?

This review was modified by Jeremy_123 on March 19 2017 02:39:01 PM

Rating 2/10


"This is the biggest hoax.. I'm a small business and invested in this as a viable option to bring in more work.. it worked in complete reverse.... they took so much money from me and it resulted in one project that barely made any money. They don't support or help you, they keep telling me it must be something we are doing wrong... they are the only ones who make money .
They have put me in a bad way with my small business and there only course of action is for me to spend more money on more services with them.. DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE A SMALL BUSINESS, YOU WILL LOSE MONEY..... NO DOUBT... more then half the leads never answered a single phone call.... a third of my leads wanted to ask a question and the rest found didn't even know why I was calling...
I paid $75. For a lead to answer a question from the customer...


My company is Green Digital Av
My name is Rick Rodriguez

This review was modified by Greendigital on March 19 2017 02:40:24 PM

Rating 2/10

Do not sign up !

"I've tried 3 times, and not 1 of the contractors listed ever contacted me. A query to home advisor customer service yielded the following statement , oh sometimes you have to call them yourself. Wait ! what ?! Then why am I using HA ? In the past I've googled contractors, read the reviews and called them myself. I thought this site would help in that long process. Home advisor sells off your email, and phone #. THATS what they're there for. "

This review was modified by overstayee on March 19 2017 02:40:00 PM

Rating 2/10

Wish I could give Zero stars to this scamming company

"DO NOT SIGN UP WITH HOMEADVISOR! We signed up as a small cleaning business. Home advisor sent us a bunch of fake leads. We did some research on one of the leads that came in and found out that the person was deceased and they were from a completely different state. I couldn't believe it! They credited us for that lead but that didn't stop the bogus leads from coming in. Most of the time the call back number for leads were disconnected or we could never get in contact with anybody. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH HOMEADVISOR! They are a huge scam. When we finally canceled the service they were so rude and so unprofessional. They tried to make us pay for a balance we did not owe. One rep was supposed to give us credits for the bad leads but he didn't notate our account so we were stuck with the balance. It was a big mess. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR HOMEADVISOR. "

This review was modified by Bjohnson0313 on March 19 2017 02:40:05 PM

Rating 2/10

Complete Lack Of Consideration & Respect

"I approached Home Advisor against my better judgement, That's on me. I thought they would be Different from other So called Services. Well after 40 Years in Business and 24 Hours later I now know how Dishonest this Company is.
Nothing the Marketing Rep. Stated was True, They attempted to take over our Business, So they would have the Control and Attempted to make appointments that were Cancelled by a Property Owner 6 hour earlier in the day, AND CHARGE US FOR IT.
They also attempted to Charge our American Express Card with Leads we Did Not Accept and On & On. They attempted to Add a New Phone Number so they could control Our Business. Our Phone was ringing at 11 pm. last night from their employees.
They Disrupted our Office at least 3 to 5 Times Every hour and if we did not answer they would hang up and call back within 10 seconds.
I could write a Book about this so called business and it would take you a Week to read it.
Our Last Words.

This review was modified by eaglefence on March 19 2017 02:41:00 PM

Rating 10/10


"Today the plumbing problem was the toilet:( I have used Vegas Plumbing several times over the past couple years and my experience is the same every time. They call you back promptly, they arrive when they say they will and even give you another courtesy call when they are in route, every time they have come prepared for the job with the correct part that they think might be the problem. I have never had to call them back to correct a job that they have done. They are knowledgable and obviously like what they do for work. I am a senior citizen and consequently have been 'ripped off' in the past. Check out Vegas Valley when you are getting bids, they outbid others, work efficiently and will be a pleasure to have in your home.
Happy customer Mary

This review was modified by MFilson on February 13 2017 11:00:01 AM

Rating 10/10

Dont listen to all the Kvetching

"Hi I am a contractor who currently uses Home Adviser as one of my lead sources. I usually don't write reviews but when I saw all the negative reviews I felt duty bound to voice my opinion. I am with them for over two years and I felt that for one thing they where extremely transparent with all their charges and what I could expect from them as a lead generator. I Must admit that their fees are a bit pricey and I do get some bad or bogus leads which in most cases I got a refund for. But overall they delivered exactly what they said they would.
My word of advice is to tweak the categories that they have you down for and eliminate the more pricier ones and just keep the smaller categories. Once you are speaking with the customer you can upsell the bigger services that you offer.

This review was modified by jake-20700 on February 13 2017 10:45:01 AM

Rating 10/10


"I'm the owner of Majestic Innovation Contractors we have been with HomeAdvisor since 2003 when they were called service magic we have had great success with this company and they have improved tremendously but I will confess it you follow their advice and do outstanding service you will succeed thanks Earnest W"

This review was modified by Majesticceo1 on February 07 2017 10:00:02 AM

Rating 2/10

Scam Leads

"This company its a scam they yes took your money no guaranties and the leads all of them are incorrect I never get a response thru email, phone or text, that "suppose leads"because home advisor make up the contacts yes to charge for each lead no matter what.
Do not sign up with this company. they are a fraud.

This review was modified by folchl7 on March 19 2017 02:41:17 PM

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