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    Product & services pricing Rating 1.94/10 1.94/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.38/10 0.38/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.73/10 1.73/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.04/10 1.04/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.77/10 0.77/10
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Rating 2/10

Gamestop Terrible Experience

"Gamestop didn't put the customer first, and their products were in terrible, disgusting condition. They didn't reply to my emails, and their products weren't in their original games cases."

Rating 2/10


"I placed an order on Black Friday. I have been awaiting for my order for a week. And for some reason I received a email stating that the ordered was canceled. I checked my balanced on the gift card and it was at a ZERO balance. After waiting on the phone for 3 hours on today Sunday December 3,2017 a customer service person answered.
WOW. only to tell me that I had to pay more than I paid on Black Friday. That wasn't my problem that the order was canceled. That wasn't good customer service due to and error on their part. So I paid the amount that was asked of me Only because I wanted to get these gift cards behind me. and never again will I ever shop with game stop. Changes needs to be done!!!!

Rating 2/10

Worst Customer Service

"I normally shop in store, this year decided to shop online Black Friday so I didn't have to wait in the lines. I ordered my items at 2am on Thanksgiving morning. They took the 109.00 off my card, shipped the cheapest of my items. When they shipped that item, they released the money they had authorized minus the amount for what shipped, no clue why, makes no damn sense to me at all. Well being that I keep my debit card locked unless I am using it, this of course caused that charge to not go through.

This starts my mornings of hell. I call these people at 9am, the SECOND they open and I automatically get a BS message of "we are experiencing higher than normal call volumes", I'm beginning to think their call center has 2 people working in it. I'm on hold for over a hour, FINALLY get the outsourced country on the phone and he tells me "oh no problem I will run your card back through, it can take up to 24 hours for the authorization to go through" well it only took TWO SECONDS to go through when I charged it originally, so this makes no sense either. I get a supervisor on the phone, I'm told "Oh no worries, it wont take 24 hours and your items will ship today no problem"

SO 24 hours goes by, I call back YET again at 9am, same stupid message, on hold 43 minutes this time, outsourced customer service answers again, I explain everything again because apparently it wasn't noted on the account. To be told ONCE again, "no problem, no need to worry, your items will ship today"

So here I am FOURTY EIGHT HOURS later, items still haven't shipped, they are however sitting there with a tracking number for the USPS that gives me a message that Gamestop hasn't bothered to give them the package yet, the money STILL hasn't come off my card yet and well I will NEVER in my damn life order ANYTHING online from Gamestop. I'm a Elite Pro member, I'd hate to see the service anyone else gets ffs.

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Rating 2/10

Broke My Heart

"Dang, GameStop does it have to come down to this review shame. It’s 10:39et (22:39 for my military folks) and the experience that I just had with the website for GameStop was one of the worst I have ever experienced. Maybe it’s because of Cyber Monday but I doubt it. I tried to order NBA2k18 online while clicking on the add cart button an error message kept popping up saying I reached my limit on this item. I check my cart and the item isn’t there. I close out of the website do it agian same thing happens. So needless to say I am bewildered at this moment. I’m finally able to add it to my cart and I click on my cart to checkout and dog gone it they double charge me so I back out and go to my cart again this time I see 3 extra items on my cart. So a purchase of a $27 dollar item turns into a $264 dollar one. I try to edit my cart and nothing. I close out and the total stays to same. I finally give up hope and go to amazon where they know how to treat their customers. I really thought this company would be up to par. Wow I hope a young entrepreneur comes in and gives these guys some competition because they really have taken advantage of customers for years. Get your act together GameStop we believed in you. "

Rating 6/10

Dont buy from gamestop

"After watching many reviews on the games and the console, I purchased a Nintendo Switch and a game for $415. I played it a few times and about a week later i found that i didnt quite have the time to play with this expensive product, so i tried returning it to gamestop. They offered me $189 in store credit OR $144 in cash for it. I read the front and back of the reciept and no where did it say anything about the return policy for opened items. Why cant gamestop send the console back to the manufacturer to just repackage the item? If its practically in PERFECT condition then why cant i get the full price i paid for it back? In short, I am frustrated and would like to return the product and recieve all the money i spent on it back. The associates were very nice though. :)"

Rating 2/10

Horrible Customer Support

"Had I read the dozens upon dozens of complaints across the Internet that exist concerning dealings with GameStop I would have been more careful in dealing with them. Instead of doing research first, I made the mistake of placing an order with them. Now I am in the same predicament that hundreds of others have found themselves in.

On Thanksgiving Day I ordered a PS4 Pro online from GameStop. Never have used this company before, I did so because of a special deal they were running. After completing the order, I saw a better deal on BestBuy's online site.

I tried to cancel the order from GameStop. Thing is, there is no way to cancel an order. From what I found out later, the company makes it absolutely impossible for customers to cancel and order once placed from them. There is no email link to write customer support anywhere on their site. There is a toll-free customer support line which I will talk more about in a moment. The only other way to contact tier-one support is via an app that one must download on their mobile device and then select FEEDBACK. GameStop makes it as difficult as possible to reach customer support.

I did send support a ticket via their app, and on Thanksgiving day I received a reply saying my order could not be stopped. Now, think about this. Nobody works the warehouse on Thanksgiving day. There is no way my order could have been packaged and processed --- especially since GameStop explicitly states that it takes one day for order processing.

So, let's talk about their toll-free number. I called four times during Thanksgiving day to reach someone. On each call, I was on hold for 70 minutes until I finally hung up each time.

Now, one could say that an expected surge in call volume would be expected during a holiday weekend. I would normally agree with that. However, if you take a moment to Google "cannot get through on GameStop phone support," you will find a multitude of threads from various gaming forums where angry customers talk about this specific issue. It seems like, at any given time, GameStop will keep people on hold for well over 30 minutes -- no matter what time of year you call. There are customers who speak of having to keep their speakerphone running for well over 30 minutes while they continue doing their own business.

I finally get through to GameStop support the day after Thanksgiving. On this particular call, I was on hold for 75 minutes before an operator answered. The operator was rude. Even though my order was listed as still being "open," the day after a holiday, the operator told me that my order was already packaged and being processed for delivery.

As I sit here and write this complaint, now 3 days later, my order is still listed as being "open." It has not been shipped. I have not been provided with a tracking number. This is a simple case of GameStop not wanting to stop the order and making the customer go through the process of returning the item.

If anyone thinks that my complaint is unfounded, I invite you to Google "GameStop complaints." You will be amazed just how many other customers experienced the same issue where within an hour of placing an order with the company, GameStop refused to cancel the order. In fact, complaints across the Internet cite rude and uncooperative customer support.

Some customers are even complaining that GameStop makes it impossible to return shipped orders as they put no return address on the package. That's something I cannot confirm as of yet, but will be watching for as I plan to refuse my shipment.

It just amazes me that this company is still in existence and has been allowed to treat customers in this manner.

I will be posting negative reviews on the Internet as well as updating them with any additional issues I experience with this company. I will also be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Once my charge hits the credit card, I will be putting a stop to payment. I am not even going to allow the company to collect a dime off of me. They will get their package back one way or another, but I won't be paying for it.


Rating 2/10


"We bought some gift cards from GameStop and later tried to redeem them at their website. When we typed in the card number and the pin but the site told us that they were invalid. None of the three cards worked at all. So we called the number on the card and the number given by the site. After waiting for 32 minutes and 41 second, listening to their never ending advertisements, someone finally picked up the phone. The guy told us the cards were "never activated" and we had to go to the store in which they were bought in order to redeem it. The problem was that the cards were gifts, and there wasn't even an expiration date on the card. According to Nscl.org, if a expiration date is not given then "it shall be valid in perpetuity," but in this case it didn't even last the 5 years mandated by the Federal Credit Card act of 2009, which specifically states that a card "issued after August 22, 2010 cannot expire for 5 years." We got one just two years ago."

Rating 2/10

Never again

"I ordered a few games for Xmas last year from the GameStop online store. Then I got my credit card information stolen, after which I received a notice from GameStop saying their system had been compromised.
Thanks a lot, GameStop.

Rating 2/10


"I used to think gamestop was a good store. That was until my mom was charged and extra $75 for something i didn’t even order."

Rating 2/10

Gamestop = travesty of customer service and experience.

"Gamestop you say? Pass, I'm tired of rolling the dice with these guys, literally half of the pre-owned games I've bought through online orders have come defective - 3 PS4 games all looked alright if you glance at the disc itself but the problem is they don't do thorough testing beyond putting it in and seeing if something comes up.

Most recent case - Uncharted 4. Although you get to the startup screen after an abnormally long load, once you try to start a new game, after a minute or so passes of grinding CD read attempt noise, good 'ol "cannot read disc" error comes up. Similar to the last purchase months ago.

You know what, wouldn't be so bad if they didn't have an antiquated return process - why no free returns via mail on defective product? This time is especially aggravating as I have a leg injury so now SOL.

As it stands now, this company is a travesty of customer service and experience and has extremely poor product testing. Oh, and bundle deals are for the good of the people or some BS.

Rating 2/10

Don't bother pre ordering a game online

"When the Destiny 2 pre order opened, the stores sold out pretty quickly so I decided to go online and order one. I was able to order the collectors edition game bundle that all of the stores were currently sold out of. A month before the game was supposed to be released I had to update account information so I contacted customer service online. That was a huge mistake resulting in the canceling my order all together and them telling me there is nothing they can do about it. Even though I contacted them they to address the problem they did nothing to help me and canceled my pre order a month before the game even came out even though I had already received some of the products from the pre order. Customer service was horrible and could not even understand the problem I was having. I started asking them questions to try and resolve the problem and I was hung up on. When I called and asked to speak with a manager they told me that someone would call me back and surprise surprise I never received a phone call. Moral of the story is never pre order a game or collectors addition from gamestop online they will cancel your order so that they either don't have to fulfill it or so they can turn around and sell it for three times the price once the demand goes up."

Rating 2/10

Bad Company good Services

"GameStop is pretty expensive with there games. You can sell a $40 game non damaged and they will give it to you for under $20, if you want a better price then you have to pay for a pro membership card. I also got damaged games twice! They should really test there pre owned games even when there buying them off someone."

Rating 2/10

Never buy anything from Gamestop

"I purchased F1 2015 on 6 23 17 it didn't work so I sent it back at a cost to me of $9.25 I complained through E-mails and they responded once and asked if I wanted a re-fund or a replacement game I told them I would take a replacement and that I wanted my $9.25 back for shipping there game back to them, they never responded so I sent another E-mail and they never responded to that, so on 7 11 17 I sent a complaint to the BBB and on 7 12 17 gamestop gave me back my purchase price minus the shipping and did not re-fund my re-turn shipping so I am out a total of $12.24 for a game I don't have that was defective from gamestop, DO NOT MAKE ANY PURCHASES FROM GAMESTOP ONLINE OR IN STORE THIS IS A RIP OFF!!!! "

Rating 2/10


"This is a WARNING to never order from GameStop! This company is a joke.
I ordered a retron 5 game system for Christmas, after months of never receiving it and going in circles with customer service on the phone and waiting an hour each time, I cancelled through my bank. Well I get a letter a little while ago that anyone who made purchases with their credit card between such and such time is at risk for credit card theft, sure enough this morning I wake up to people that have made multiple transactions with with my credit card. I'm furious!!!!!
Don't bother trying to get In contact with anyone because you'll be on hold for over an hour and they don't want to help you, you're basically signing up for a headache when dealing with this company. I will never purchase anything from GameStop and suggest others take my advice. If I could speak to a manager I would but can't get through!! What a joke!

Rating 2/10

Do not shop at GameStop!

"I highly recommend to never buy products like this from GameStop. I had my mom order a phone for me that was refurbished for 340$, I find out a week later that they screwed the order up, so now I have to wait even longer EVEN THOUGH IT SAYS 24 HR SHIPPING. Anyways, it comes down to another week and we ask them what's going on and they said that the total price of the phone was 515$ so 200 dollars more than original. Apparently, GameStop itself screwed up their own prices ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE, so the phone actually costs 450$ and to add that, shipping and handling is like 70$!!! I am definitely going to return this phone and shop somewhere else. -An unhappy customer"

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