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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.14/10 2.14/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.31/10 0.31/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.88/10 1.88/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.36/10 0.36/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.63/10 0.63/10
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Rating 2/10


"I bought a game for $68 and traded it in before 30 days and they gave me $27 back. Thats stupid."

Rating 2/10


"I bought a game through online gamestop. I paid with paypal. Or tried to pay with paypal. After numerous calls with paypal and gamestop. Hold time for gamestop is at least an hour each time. Paypal stated gamestop would not take the funds. Gamestop customer service is clueless. Finally after two weeks of this I cancel the paypal payment and pay with credit card. Ok so I am told I would receive the game code with 24 hours. Well a week later I call on Saturday. Another long hold time. Finally someone comes on the line. I am now told that my order which has been paid for is noW on manager hold for review. FOR A WEEK. I ask why. He does not know. So I am told by this agent that he will take if off of hold and I will get my code within 24 hours. I ask to speak to manager. I am told MANAGER is busy on another call. I tell the agent I will wait for the manager. So here comes another long hold. The agent gets back on the phone and states here is the manager. Well guess what. No manager. I get silence. Sounds like someone there but they are not talking. Just listening for about 5 minutes. Worst experience ever. Customer service is a joke. "

Rating 2/10


" I bought 2 XBOX ONE games online during the Black Friday sale on Thanksgiving.

One game, I learned shortly after purchase was already bought by someone else AND AT A BETTER PRICE. I tried to cancel the game (as I was lead I would be able to do easily by their site propaganda). No where was I able to find cancellation info for these items. I then sent a customer service email (as it was Thanksgiving) hoping for the best.

Friday, I try calling their customer service line. Hold times off the charts and busy signals. Unable to get through, I try email again.

Saturday I get an email that it had already been shipped when it had not been. (I checked the order status and the game I wanted to be kept had been shipped NOT the one I wanted to cancel.) I inform them of this. No response.

I contact them a couple more times trying to get this game cancelled to no avail. It ships like 2 or 3 days later.

You think that's end of it. Not by a long shot.

The first game they sent was sent in PS4 Format. I ordered XBOX ONE. When I went in store to exchange for the correct format, they had none in stock but I was advised they had one at another location I drive across town to find this second location didn't even have a new one, only the bootleg display one AND they can't do the exchange because the prices don't match! I returned it instead.

The 2nd game, the one I was trying to cancel, remained "In Transit" since November. An email request for assistance to Gamestop yielded ZERO assistance. I actually got more help from the USPS who were able to finally find the package and get it delivered yesterday.

I'm returning this one too. After all of this trauma-drama, I would rather pay full price somewhere else/not have the games at all than give these people one red cent of my money.

Rating 2/10

They should stop running their business!

"I wish I could give them 1/2 a star. I pre-ordered game from them regardless of how many times my friends had warned me. I just wanted to give them a second chance. But they should have deserved anyone's second chance! The redeem code they gave me had already been used without me doing anything. And their customer service should be changed to customer disappointment/dissatisfaction, which is way more appropriate for what they should do and should not do. How can they still run their business like this??"

Rating 2/10

Gamestop Customer Service is awful

"Ordered Xbox One two day shipping for my son's birthday. Never received; tracking number sent doesn't pull up anything. Interacted 5 times on phone with 'customer service'. Was promised replacement. Nothing. Called back, nothing. How does this company stay in business?"

Rating 2/10

Incompetent Customer Service

"Synopsis: The support for online purchases is horrible. If anything is wrong with your purchase be ready for the worst customer service possible on Earth. Not only will it drag on for weeks, they do not ever answer the phone in a timely manner. This is probably for two reasons: 1. They are incompetent and understaffed possibly, 2. A ton of people need to complain about their online purchases. Be forewarned.

Sadly my report is similar to the ones already on here. I am currently, as I write this, on hold with their customer service, I am at 54 minutes now (with less than 4 minutes of human conversation).

I ordered a PS3 bundle on July 1, 2016. It was supposed to arrive on July 7. It never did, still hasn't, and today is July 12. I have no issue with a slow delivery system but when I tracked the package it said it was delivered and my order was closed. An immediate uh-oh went off, that sinking feeling in my gut was right - this has been a nightmare.

First contact with customer service led me to believe that a resolution would be found. It was a Sunday, July 10, so they could not contact UPS to find out about the location of my package. But the representative said that a replacement or a refund would be sent to me after they investigate the delivery with UPS. So, Monday comes and goes - no word from Gamestop.

(While I was typing this I finally was transferred to an escalation specialist and after telling her I was recording our conversation she hung up on me. I had been on hold for 58 minutes!!!!

Second contact was today, July 12. I spoke to one representative for and after about 50 minutes and three long holds she said that my package was delivered correctly to and was signed for by a guy name Phil. I assume he is the man that has stolen my PS3. After, she said that they would neither replace or refund my purchase. That I needed to take it up with UPS because they fulfilled their obligation. That upset me so I asked to speak to an escalation specialist. I assumed that we could contact UPS together so this problem could be solved. He offered no such help.

I then did contact UPS and they immediately identified a problem with my package. It was never delivered to my address. In fact Gamestop had said that it had been delivered to my house. WRONG. Now UPS is trying to find where my PS3 is.

I am not sure if the error was Gamestops or UPS, but I have found Gamestops customer service abysmal. It has been the most frustrating experience I have ever encountered, even worse than Comcast cable. If they had taken the time to contact UPS once in my 2hrs of calls they could have quickly identified the problem. Unfortunately they seem to be horribly incompetent, unbelievably slow, and have no regard for customer satisfaction. This is obviously some type of scam. How can any major business or company fall so short in dealing with online purchases. Since my order 11 days ago I have had 5 successful shipments from Amazon. You have to assume that Gamestop online is doing something wrong.


Rating 2/10

Double Charged Debit Card...Still Waiting for Resolution After Nearly 2 Weeks

"My son had his debit card charged twice for a purchase. The store promised they'd fix it within a few days. It's been nearly two weeks and now the store is saying it's in the district office's hands but can give us no information, not even someone to contact at the district office.

The store blamed their chip reader for the error. Yet I doubt they've stopped using it.

I can't shop somewhere where they make clear errors a burden to their customers.

Rating 2/10

Not GameStop

"Opened a credit line with GameStop and made a purchase on the card at the same time. Never received a bill either on my email account or snail mail and totally forgot about the GameStop account until I saw a hit on my credit report when I was financing a new car. Called GameStop to ask them to remove the hit (I had since paid the bill in full) and they will not remove it even though they took the path of not notifying me of the discrepancy but instead notified the credit companies (Experian, TransUnion). Too many other players in gaming; online, Target, Walmart, etc. to be dealing with these cutthroats."

Rating 2/10

Exasperating experience

"Talk about horrible customer service! Our powerup reward card would not activate. I called customer service and the nightmare began. Nine phone calls (not including 3 disconnections) and one month later, the problem still hasn't been resolved. I went around in circles with these people with escalation teams and corporate teams trying to solve(?) this problem. Promises and guarantees were made several times about "getting back to me" and of course, nothing. Finally, on the eighth call, a gift card was promised. Again, nothing arrived. On the ninth call, another gift card was promised, which did come, but the original problem was never resolved. I have cancelled my membership and will never step into one of their stores again. Goodbye Gamestop forever and good riddance. "

Rating 2/10

Customer Service worse than EA

"I received several Gamestop giftcards and when I went online to purchase products, I selected to receive my purchases by download. The order went through and sent me an email stating that it would take up to 8 HOURS to "review" my order. Seriously? It's a download. Then, the next day, I receive an email telling me that my order has been cancelled and that I should check with my financial institution. I used gift cards! So, I called Customer Service (and I use the term lightly). They said my financial information didn't match. I told them that it shouldn't matter. I used gift cards! The service rep agreed with me. Then she said it could take 48 hours to deliver. I told her it was a download. So she then informed me that Customer Service couldn't place orders for downloadable content. I'd have to try ordering on a different device (like that should matter) and if that didn't work, then I'd just to have to make my purchases in-store. So much for ordering downloads from Gamestop. How ridiculous!! I'm done with Gamestop gift cards. My husband purchased over $250 for me and I can't even use them online unless I want something mailed to me. Next time, we'll just get our cards from Steam or Origin."

Rating 2/10

My Gamestop Story

"I was a dedicated Gamestop/Eb Games employee for 24 years until I was fired for arriving to work minutes after 9am although I never opened a store late. This was due to looking after my terminally ill father and getting my kids to school in the am. I was fired even though my store produced the highest profits during a difficult holiday season and right after my father passed. This was done by my new younger spitfire DM who other employees knew was out to fire me. Gamestop is one of the highest stress jobs for manager with one of the lowest pay rates. We are forced to sell customers a slew of items like warranties and add-ons. Don't forget the Game Informer rewards and reservations and the new Cricket phone service. We are then expected to get positive surveys for using aggressive sales tactics. Employees are coached when they don't get enough add-ons as it's always been a numbers game. Store managers take the brunt of it all as they work 44, 50, 60+ hours while getting paid for 40. This is due to the company giving insufficient payroll to stores and why customers wait in long lines due to only 1-2 employees working a crowded store. Upper management and executives reap the rewards with big bonuses and bigger salaries while PT gets minimum wage and 3 hours a week. I don't recommend this job to anybody as I wasted a quarter of my life and then was discarded like trash, not even getting unemployment. I feel what happened to Moviestop is in the near future for Gamestop."

Rating 2/10

Highly disappointed customer, your customer service is a joke!!!

"I bought a used game from Gamestop.ie (as not available brand new)- Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze for my nephews 5 th birthday! Note that the used game cost me 34.99€ and new €39.97! The game arrived and I gave it to my very happy and excited nephew but when he put it in his Wii U console I received an error message " Error Code: 150-1031 The disc could not be read as it may be dirty" Looking closer at the cd, it was badly scratched!! So I call Gamestop to inform them of this and I spoke with a Guy from dublin called Steve who said ' you can return it at your own charge and we will issue you with a refund' ok great so you send me a faulty game and I have to pay to send it back?!! I questioned him as clearly stated on your website that Pre-owned products are 100% guaranteed to work. Ya right! Then he said it was sent from out depot and its possible the person didn't have the time to test it first!!! Seriously?! Don't you think its essential to test a product before, instead of lying to your customers and that its 100% guaranteed to work! You can't imagine his disappointment and mine. I then asked for a gesture for the inconvenience and steve said no because these things happen!! I can not accept that, wheres the customer service?! Bascially its tough sh**. Fed up of companies lying to their customers and on top of not even caring to fix your own error!! I hope someone more senior will review this and contact me with a reasonable offer otherwise I think I have time on my hands to give you some bad publicity online!!!"

Rating 2/10

"Associate refused my trade in said it was to late to do a cash trade. Really!!!! then thats false advertising. I had to go to another gamestop to do my trade. CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS"

Rating 2/10

"I received a few GameStop gift cards for Christmas and they both worked at first. I had already put the gift cards in on an online order so i removed them. I decided to wait and not make the purchase. I come back today to make the purchase and the cards wont work saying i have no balance. It also says $0 on the Gift card balance page. Transaction was not completed but the money on the gift cards is gone...come one GameStop"

Rating 2/10

"I'm not surprised to see all these bad reviews for Gamestop after my experience. I purchased a game for $35 but the salesman pulled the wrong game. The one I ended up with was only worth $18. I didn't notice it until about a week later because I bought several games and hadn't gotten to playing that one yet. When I came back to get the correct game it wasn't available, but I was able to pick out another game. That game was worth $18 as well and I was told I would be refunded the difference, but I did not receive a refund on my credit card. I returned to the store only to be told the manager said I was out of luck. She refused to refund my money and I ended up paying $35 for a $18 game. The manager was dishonest and literally stole money from me. "

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