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Product & services pricing 8.33/10
Chance of future purchase: 6.56/10
Shipping & packaging: 6.56/10
Customer service: 6.79/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.83/10
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"I am so disappointed! I had heard wonderful things about this site but it has been anything but wonderful for me. I placed an order for school books for over $500. There was a free two day shipping for orders over $35. I needed my text books in two days. Five out of the 8 show they won’t be here for 6 days. One book I ordered showed a refund had been issued. I figured I hit a wrong button and repurchased it. Only to find out when I called it was out of stock and this is why it got refunded twice. They sent an email that I didn’t see until later but no where on my account within there site did they say this. Now I have $400 that won’t go back into my account for 5 business days and my books won’t be here for 4 days after they should. If you are or ever have been a college student you know the importance of having your books. My best advice is to pay a little more and order some where else. What a disappointment. This is a shady business, please go to another site. "

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100% recommend Chegg!

"This was my first time using Chegg. The last 2 years of college I've been using Amazon, but boy have I been doing it wrong! I needed 2 more books that were way over priced in the book store and on Amazon so my class mate told me to try chegg considering I could get the e-book while my hard back shipped to me (due to us having an assignment due that week I needed the text from the book asap!) I found both books I needed on chegg for $25 each! On amazon they were each over $170 and in my book store they were each over $200! I was so impressed and excited to have found this! While I waited just a few days for my books to arrive I was able to use the e-book to read the material. When my book arrived they came in 2 separate boxes and each box was full of free amazing things! They each had multiple coupons and gift cards, one box had a free lip gloss and Red Bull! The other box had a 5 hour energy bottle. There's like $200 of gift cards and coupons that I received from them. I am so impressed with Chegg and so sad I barely get to order my text books from them for my last 2 years! I wish I would've known about it my freshmen year. Thank you Chegg for making my start to the semester amazing!"

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Think twice about sell them your book

"I sold my book to chegg. I signed up to receive the money through PayPal. They received it 10 business days ago. I called the customer service. The warehouse lost my book. They said they are willing to pay via check, which was not what I signed up for. The process for them to write and cut a check takes 15 to 20 business days! So I did what I needed to do as a customer, they mess up and I get punished for it. This is horrible customer service. I am never selling or recommending them again. I can't believe they lost my book, I can't even get it back to try to sell it somewhere else faster. I needed the money before I start classes and now it seems like I'm going to get it mid semester at this rate.


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Okay pricing, TERRIBLE customer service

"Chegg's customer service is not comparable to other companies that sell textbooks. I had an issue with a book I sold and I was told there is nothing to on there part. That I could either purchase the book that I rented or buy a new one and send it in. Both options were significantly more than the book was originally sold for. Also, I had sent numerous emails trying to fix the problem and I did not get a response for about a week. Therefore, I had to pay to extend the rented books because of there slow service. "

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Excellent customer service representative

"I rented an e-textbook, but it was hard to me to read the e-textbook. I decided to get a paper book. I called the customer service. A nice guy named Jamal helped me with that. "

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Got the book late and wasn’t able to use it

"The book to long to get to me. I had to go my one and then return this one and didn’t even get money back "

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1st timer

"Being new to Chegg, I was both apprehensive & curious about what to expect. I found the experience so simple that I became leery & kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Cheng really thought the process through, with consideration for the student in mind. The process worked superior to my expectations. The one & only situation to arise was mentioned in the instructions, yet Chegg still made it go as smoothly as possible. Will definitely use them again."

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Amazing Service

"At first I was nervous because I have had no experience in chipping any item to another state but chegg made the poses so stress free and easier then what I thought it would be. "

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"Love the system! Everything went smooth and easy! Thank you!"

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"Received my book when and as described, returned my book no hassles. Love the service.TJQR3EA3"

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The process is BAD

"My book did not receive a tracking number and none of the customer service representatives knew what was going on. Basically, there was no tracking number established for my book because it was never shipped. None of the representatives could admit that because of the "guarantee" that it would arrive on time. There was no way the book was going to arrive on time and you all wouldn't reship it until it officially didn't arrive that day. Then you all apologized and had it shipped allowing it to be days late. The "guarantee" is complete bullshit. All you do is hope it's going to arrive and if it doesn't then you all wait for until that day and then send it again. You need better communication with your vendors so that your customer service people can have real answers and can fix actual problems. No one knew why the book didnt have a tracking number and couldn't do anything about it. Also, you all need to need cut the bullshit about this guarantee and when you know a book isn't going to arrive, freaking re-ship it already. There is no magical shipping without tracking. Packages don't just show up. If it isn't in your system, the damn thing doesn't exist. Don't tell people that somehow the book will just show up on time when you all have no idea where the damn thing is and then not do anything about it until it finally doesn't show up.

Your process is BAD. Fix it.

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Reshipped my books for free

"I ordered 2 textbooks from Chegg they were marked as delivered but I never received them. I got a hold of customer support and they sent out the same books as a reshipment free of charge. Great customer service. Thank you Chegg!! "

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Great service and worked well

"Happy arrived quickly and easy to return"

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Absolutely brilliant

"This has been the best experience ever!!! It was super easy to rent and easier to return. "

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Very fast service

"Everything about my Chegg experience was top notch. From the price, to quick delivery, easy return and Chegg solutions. Thanx"

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