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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.61/10 2.61/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.30/10 1.30/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.30/10 1.30/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.61/10 1.61/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.13/10 2.13/10
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Rating 2/10

One star because zero isn't an option

"Worst customer experience ever on multiple occasions. Finally learned my lesson today and am closing credit account. Do employees understand that it isn't the customer's job to wait 20 mins at customer service for someone with a bad attitude to assist? When I located the "specialist" walking down an aisle, she just walked faster when I called out. Had to follow her the full length of the store. When I caught up with her, she was talking to other employee. When I told her I had been waiting at customer service for 20 minutes for her, she told me I was rude to interrupt their conversation. Shopping here requires way too much work to give a retailer my money. And there is zero follow up on customer complaints. Counter install was a disaster. Scheduled for 12-4. Contractor showed up at 6PM reeking of booze. Left voicemail for rep at store who booked the order and never heard a word back. Hello Lowe's!"

Rating 2/10

Con Men getting kickbacks at hardware stores Home Depot and Ace Hardware

"I needed to fix two sprinkler heads. I had never done this before but I have done construction and sewing so I thought, I can figure this out. I watched video's on how to take out the sprinkler head. I took off the top and went to Ace's hardware and when the sales person looked at it, he said "oh, you have a very old sprinkler system, like 15 years old, we don't have the parts. You need a new sprinkler system." So I went to home depot - same thing. The Sales person l looked at my Sprinkler parts, pointed to the top of the inside tube that was threaded, same as the Ace Hardware salesman and said "This is 3/8 and now sprinkler's are 1/2 inch". So I said "ok, you mean where I screw the sprinkler head into the pipe is now 1/2 where it used to be 3/8?" "Yes" So I said, "let's look at adapters." I immediately found it and he said No that's not it and kept searching. After a while I said "No this is it!.

When I got home, I really didn't want to dig my sprinkler head out because it is surrounded by roots of a tree. So I decided to just take the head off the new sprinkler head and put it into the old body. What do ya **** know? It worked! Both salesman were talking about the wrong end of the sprinkler head - the part that screws into the pop up and and not the lower end. Both wanted to me to buy a new sprinkler system. When I **** go into a store for help, I don't expect the sales people to **** lie to me so they can get kick backs from a sprinkler company! I EXPECT TO GET REAL HELP! Every **** business and person is working on kickbacks and they don't care if they are **** you over! God I'm so sick of US corporations!

Rating 10/10

Honest employees in East Haven, CT

"I was installing an electric wall oven, a huge task for me, and needed a few spacers and things to complete the job. I was in a hurry to get the job completed, and accidentally left my wallet at the cashiers booth. Upon entering my home, the phone rang. The Home Depot was on the line to inform me of my mistake. I immediately returned to the store and picked up my wallet from the service desk. This is the kind of store that I will do future business with. Thanks again East Haven Home Depot."

Rating 6/10

Ordered an Impact wrench online ... got a delta multi-port valve unit

"I saw a special for a Ryobi impact wrench online and purchased it but when I received it, I found they had sent a Delta multi-port valve unit. I called their customer service and was told that they were out of stock and would issue a refund. When I asked about the part I received, I was told I could just discard it, I didn't have to send it back. That didn't sound right so I called back the next day and spoke with another agent who apologized for the mix-up and told me that the previous agent had created a return so if I had not taken it back, I would have never received my refund. She also did some research and found that she could offer me a similar impact wrench (just a different part number in the store) and discount it to match the one I had ordered. I opted to go with her offer and received the correct item about 4 days later. I also followed her advice and returned the valve to a local store and received my refund a few days later. In my case, I was able to speak to an agent who actually wanted to help ... kind of a rarity in any industry now days.

By the way, I tried to do a post on Home Depot's site but it got rejected ... guess they don't like the truth.


Rating 2/10

Entire family exposed to toxic paint due to The Home Depot

"I contacted The Home Depot after a can of their oil based paint which contains warning labels not to get on your skin exploded open after The Home Depot bag broke, covering my wood floor, myself, my wife and my 1 year old daughter. Both of our wedding rings were covered in the paint as well which are being cleaned. I received unhelpful and contemptible behavior from the representative Elana B. who was demanding and treated me less than a customer. My floor is ruined in our kitchen. No help was expressed from The Home Depot and they have stopped responding to my emails for help. I have sent four emails. This is not ok. I am NOT happy about my daughter being exposed to this toxic paint. The lid to the paint came right off. It was clearance paint that had been returned by a customer. The Home Depot did not check to make sure the lid was securely attached. When the bag broke from a height of less than two feet, the lid came right off. I will never shop at The Home Depot again. They offered no help to me at all and were extremely rude."

Rating 2/10

Home Depot appliance install deaster

"Today home depot delivered and installed my new Samsung stove and matching overhead microwave and LG dishwasher appliances. I probably wouldn’t be so disappointed had I not paid extra for installation. During the install of the microwave for some reason the guy drilled a hole in my cabinets even though the outlet for the microwave is clearly visible on the wall, then he doesn’t secure the microwave and it falls hitting my counter top and denting the microwave. I had to tell him I didn’t want the microwave and take it out. Then he installs the stove, well sort of he connected the gas and he was leaving. I had to follow him out the door and ask him to make the stove level with the counter. The dishwasher well it’s not level either and they didn't install the bottom plate or leave it for me to install. AND had I not asked of the manuals I wouldn’t have any. I’ve called and notified the Home Depot I purchased everything from and let them know I will not allow their install service to install anything in my home again. I get it, it’s Friday and they can’t really do or tell me anything till Monday. But right now I’m considering canceling the microwave and just ordering one from Amazon. "

Rating 2/10

Stay away from Home Depot and homedepot.com

"I ordered a washer and dryer a few months ago to be delivered soon. When I called to confirm, since I didn't hear from Home Depot (actually their contracted delivery company) the recording stated delivery to the house that I had just sold, and not the new home about five miles away. I immediately called Home Depot, and they could not do one single thing to correct this, even though it was their mistake. A Home Depot employee forgot or just did not enter the new address - they had it - it had just not been entered into their system for the delivery. I was supposed to have these items delivered in two days. I have cancelled the order and am purchasing these appliances elsewhere. I have already paid several hundreds of dollars on these items, so I am curious as to how quickly they will credit my account. I was on the phone with all sorts of Home Depot and GE Delivery employees and all of them were unbelievably unhelpful. "We cannot do anything" is their mantra. It's not like I was moving to a different state!!! I was moving down the road, but apparently the different zip just blew their minds!"

Rating 2/10

They don't have a clue

"I wentt to Home Depot on 1960 and N Eldridge today I needed to purchase some screws and a drill to make the hole for the screws. I had to ask a vendor not a Home Depot employee for help finding the right screws and washers. Fortunately he was there putting packages of screws and washers on the display and he was very helpful. I then went to find a drill. I found the drills that was easy. Finding someone to help me with what size drill I needed was another story. I finally went to the cashier and she called someone. They told her to tell me to use a standard drill. I am not sure what that has to do with the size drill I needed. I asked her to call her back and ask her again what size drill I needed she did and was told to tell me 1/4" drill with phillips head screwdriver. She was busy spotting in the parking lot. I asked if there was anyone else who could help me and she said no so I asked for a manager. She helped a couple of customers and then was going to call the manager. I decided to leave. I went to Cypress ACE Hardware where I was helped as soon as I got there and my machine is up and running. It cost me less because I didn't have to buy a whole bag of screws just the two I needed. I run a business and have always gone to Home Depot which will not be the case anymore. I will either go to ACE or Lowe's where customer service and knowledge is part of their business model. "

Rating 2/10

Tool rental

"Went to rent a post hole auger .Gregory was rude, had a poor attitude, and made it pretty evident he hates his job. Returned it in less than two hours of my four hour agreement. The paperwork I received said I checked it out at 9:54, which is pretty good since I was still at home at that time, and checked it in at 1:11. Looking at what time the actual recite for the deposit at the time I put it down, said, it said 11:54 when I checked it out. I was lucky,as I returned it very quick, but it makes you wonder how many are being taken that way."

Rating 2/10

Military discount

"It is with a sad heart that I will no longer be a loyal Home Depot customer. I purchase several thousand each year along with many of my other veteran friends. We will all be moving our business to Lowes from this day forward. Currently I was trying to purchase three large Maytag appliances using my military discount. I called in to receive the discount off my online purchases of 2000+ to be informed they no longer offer the discount for the web purchases. I proceeded to check my local store to find said items & they were available but the discount STILL wouldn't be given. I went online to Lowes AND they not only had said items for same price BUT they give online military discounts WITHOUT calling!! Everyone inform ALL your vet friends in addition to your other friends of the recent changes. "

Rating 10/10

Matt D. Dearborn Heights Home Depot

"I walked in to Home Depot and needed guidance with information/ assistance with fixing a bathroom cabinet; a young gentleman named Matt D. In the lumber department was extremely helpful and took the time to make sure I was completely satisfied. Home Depot is very fortunate to have such a dedicated worker. I wish more employees would reach out to their customers with a helping hand and total satisfaction. Thank you Matt for making my life easier and taking the time to make sure I was completely satisfied. "

Rating 2/10

What happened to customer service?

"Purchased a BBQ at the Ancaster store, after about 15 minutes of 3 different clerks trying to set up a delivery date, we were told to go to a different cashier because the printer didn't work. When the BBQ was delivered, my 65 year old mother asked the 2 delivery men to please put the BBQ on her deck, which has wheelchair access, only to be told "We don't have time for that." a task that would take literally less than 2 minutes; and when she called the store, she was told "They only have to put it on the curb." For any company to treat a senior citizen this way is unacceptable!"

Rating 2/10

veteran discount

"home depot now is refusing to honor veterans in store, unless you have a 10% or greater service connected disability. they only honor vets on july 4th, memorial day, and veterans day..but lowes honors all veterans every day 365 days a year and gives a discount in store and online.. veterans need to now go to Lowes... home depot only provides lip service thanking you for your service and telling a veteran to come back on those 3 holidays.. nope not this vet. I will go to Lowes they truly honor all veteran 365 days a year

Rating 2/10

Charged for nothing done

"Home Depot Home Services charged me three times for a redo kitchen they never did and damaged my credit for a home equity loan. They do not deserve any star. "

Rating 2/10

code violations installing central air system

"Home Depot and their service provider BNG installed my home HVAC system. It only ran for 57 days! Found out later they violated code section 602.2! I will never trust Home Depot again... They offered no fix either physical or financial for the mess they created!"

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