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"I ordered a very high-end Quad-Core computer from these guys on December 11, 2008. I was originally told it would be 3-4 weeks to get my new computer. Then, it was changed to 5-7 weeks. It has now been 2 months, and I still have NO computer!! They billed my credit card on Dec 11th, the date of my order -- but I have NOTHING to show for it!! Their website is shut down, their 800# is not working, and the number given on my credit card statement is disconnected. BEWARE!!"

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"when i purchased my 909v Fusion it came with a broken LCD monitor. I returned it to be repaired. When I got it back it worked for a year and then the mother board, hard drive, dvd burner, hdd cable had to be replaced. 2 months later I got it back from repairs and then 2 months later the ac adaptor broke and because it was not covered by the warranty I had to pay for that myself. Then it took a month and half to received my new ac adaptor. So I got that and plugged it in and everything worked fine for 3 months. Then after 3 months it stopped working again and gave me the same error as when the mother board etc had broke. So now I have 2 months before my warrenty expires and I am worried if they just repair it again it will break right after the warrenty ends and my $3500 dollar laptop will be totally worthless. So I called sales and spoke to the manager of the whole company and asked if this happens very often and he says very rarely, so I asked if I could get an extended warrenty or something to compensate me for all my inconvenience and all the manager of extreme notebook would say is "Sorry". Even though he explained that this happens rarely he would not stand behind his computer and when my warrenty expires in 2 months I guess I will throw this $3500 computer in the garbage and all he said was sorry theres nothing we can do.

*** If you are one of the unlucky customers that receives a lemon computer that ends up having to be sent back continually to be repaired and then waiting months for it to be returned, all you will hear is, I am sorry for your problem.

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"We bought a quad core laptop from Xtrem Notebook because we need a lot of power and system stability.
With the Xtrem 917v equiped with a Quad core Q9550, we have all the power and stability to run every Cad softwares i use (which are very power hungry)at full pace. The LCD display is very sharp and with the Quadro fx 1600m, i can move a big assembly smoothly. This is definitively THE most powerfull mobile workstation i have ever use. During the computor building process, i was in touch with the same guy which i think is very important for a buyer. I also ask for a french canadian keyboard installed on the laptop so they seek and found one for me. I installed XP Pro on it like a charm. Cad user, you need this laptop!

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"I ordered a custom built notebook from xtremenotebooks.com. Great notebook, the order was filled and shipped promptly. The problem is with the customer service. One of the accessories that I ordered (a 320 gig esata hard drive) was unavailable, so I opted for a different esata drive. When the drive arrived it was not esata, but a usb (much slower). It has taken (in my openion) too long to resolve this matter and I had to pay for the shipping cost for their mistake. Also, I requested some diagrams and parts info from their support staff and have not received that either. They build excellent notebooks, but the customer service is terrible. I will never buy anything else from them, nor recommend them to my customers (I am a computer tech). "

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"A year later, and now I'm SO regretful that I purchased my notebook from Xtreme. They turned out to be a fly-by-night bunch of lying thieves. When I ordered my notebook, I had asked that it be able to convert video out to RCA/phono plug so I could do business presentations on customer's TVs. The SALESman assured me they would make sure it could do this. When I started trying to do the presentations, it would not output the video. The tech support then stated that it could not be remedied and never would work. So now I have a 2500 dolar notebook that won't do the main thing I needed it to do so I can have income to pay my bills. It's a boat anchor, and I'm going to have to buy ANOTHER notebook! Xtreme Notebooks has left town, so I can't even sue them!

I will check the names of the employees of any company that I might buy from from now on to make sure none of the punks that used to run Xtreme work there.

See my other review to see who bailed me out of this jam and will be my ONLY choice for any future notebook computer purchases.

I've owned this notebook (Raptor 730V) for less than a week (4-12-08), I use it for my businesses, and it might even replace my desktop. I ordered the Intel Turbo memory with the Windows XP Pro OS, however the Intel Turbo memory option is not compatible with the Windows XP Pro OS. The Intel Turbo memory option is compatible with the Windows Vista OS, and Vista MIGHT be installed in the future, but I REALLY doubt it. For the time being, with the help of XtremeNotebooks.com tech support, I have disabled the Intel Turbo memory and been assured that this configuration poses no diminished performance. As a gesture of good customer service, XtremeNotebooks.com refunded the difference for the Intel Turbo memory, which is acceptable. Part of my Raptor 730V configuration included the Azalia sound setup, but I can find no evidence that the Azalia sound setup is on my notebook. Hopefully that issue will be resolved soon. Other than these two minor issues, I have ZERO concerns about my payment and ownership of my Raptor 730V, and I look forward to a long and satisfying experience with it. It is definitely a HIGH-performance machine; extremely capable! I have recommended XtremeNotebooks.com to many family, friends and business associates. Thank you, XtremeNotebooks.com. 9 out of 10 rating!

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"I just got my raptor laptop and it is a slick looking machine that runs beautifuly. My only problem was ordering just before a major holiday so 7 business days feels like a long time. they were great about sending it to canada and the price couldn't be beat. Its hard buying a good laptop in canada, and its really nice looking in the stores around here at machines that cost the same as mine but aren't half the computer!!"

Helpful Cool


"OUTSTANDING in all areas...I didnt find this site through here i was really looking by searching around...I was a bit fishy but reading all the reviews got me into this company.... I order a max out laptop nova 20in... i LOVE IT i did everything from wacthign TV play high end games..video editing..traveling with out a problem, takeign it too work blew out all those rich people and there laptop my laptop was the only one with beautiful desinges and it ran the projectore at max resolution and high color and the picture was outstanding and it did it job with out a big headach on my end... i never had a comfitble moment when i was useing my old laptop this laptop blew away JUST ABOUT ANY laptop i used..alienware,dell,compaq they were nothing compare to this laptop...and after I move out.. I am going too buy another laptop or tablet form them and in the future never seen so many best options too put into your laptop.....had a lil problem and the RMA proccess was a breeze....and too make life easy KEEP the box...THANK YOU EVERYONE and (Erin) lol"

Helpful Cool


"I've received my notebook easily within the period of arrival, it was up and ready to go and I couldn't be happier with it.

There were a few clerical errors, but once I managed to ship the notebook back to exercise the warranty, they were quick to finding and solving the problem and had it back to me within a few business days.

It's back in time for school and works as good as ever and I couldn't be happier. Thanks!

Helpful Cool


"The guys at Xtreme were incredibly helpful before I made my purchase in helping me nail down equipment/options that would fit my needs. They actually suggested that I not get some of the "bells" that I considered. They have been equally helpful since my order has arrived. My order was short a digitizer pen. They are correcting that now. They answer the phone in person and provide complete, personal, informed, friendly, and patient service - even to the technically challanged like myself. It's certainly been a pleasure working with them and I will continue to do so in the future. I give them an xtreme A+ in all catagories!!"

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"This is our third purchase from Extreme notebooks. As always the phone was answered by the person that will help with your purchase. They could not be friendlier or more helpful.

Scott in North Carolina

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"They are great, only wish I could have waited 1 mounth so i could get the more adversion of the one I got, that was my fault"

Helpful Cool


"I purchased a Laptop for my wife for Christmas. It's exactly what I ordered and the price was great! The salesman Steven was very helpful and they answer the phone on the first ring."

Helpful Cool


"I ordered this notebook more than 6 months ago, and have had major issues since I purchased the machine. Spending over $5,000 apparently does not encourage higher levels of customer support, as it was eventually determined that the notebook, before and after being sent back for a mainboard failure RMA, was suffering from a faulty fan over the processor.

At this point, I could get a machine taht would do video editing for a lot less than $5K, and most likely a lot less headache.

Helpful (1) Cool


"I purchased an Xtreme 909V Reactor Notebook from Xtreme Notebooks (3.4ghz, 6800ultra video).

I have shipped this notebook back for repairs three times now in 15 months approx. I will be without this notebook for 2-3 months now approx. while it was and is currently in for repairs.

Two times the notebook had a strong electrical burning smell, once the system was slowing down so much the pixels were barely moving on the screen.

I've asked for a refund and been refused. Currently this third time I agreed to ship it back as one last good faith effort to fix it for good (overnight shipping was offered).
I had started, but not finished two cases with the BBB Online with this notebook. Both issues were resolved before final paperwork was sent.

Be advised the typical shipping and repair time can be over a month each time it has to be sent in. I was first emailed it could take 30 days to repair and get parts (not including shipping time). Since I've nearly exceeded this time when I've sent it in to be repaired, now the emails say it could take 45 days (not including shipping time) to repair.

I knew going into this I might have to ship it back, and was willing to tolerate some loss of productivity. If it breaks down several times, however, the loss of productivity becomes very painful.

Latest update. The computer had a bad motherboard. This makes three replaced motherboards within 15-16 months now. The factory tried to repair it with a 4th motherboard, and it failed at the factory. Now its yet another week for them to order a 5th motherboard and I've no idea if that will work.
I spoke with the president of the company and he again refused to give a refund.

Xtreme decided after reviewing the case again, that the notebook was improperly manufactured and offered a replacement system. I have accepted this resolution and pray that this system will function as intended.

Helpful Cool


"I wasted $6000 on a laptop that is slower than my $500 Dell. The computer constantly crashes and is not up to the standards I was promised. When I called support to see what can be done they transfered me to sales where I was told I should know that buying state of the art equipment is always a gamble. It now has been 1 year and my computer can no longer find the OS. They told me I need to reinstall the OS (Windows XP Pro) which I bought from them. So I did only to find out the disk is corrupt. The sales dept proceede to tell me there is nothing I can do. This has been the absolute biggest waste of money I have ever wasted. I even asked then if I could pay to upgrade my system and they told me my system is not upgraedeable. Keep in mind when I bought this this was there flag ship. Please look at your other options carefully before buying a laptop. Especially if you are buying high end."

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